Sunday, August 18, 2013

Homo Economicus Interruptus: Why growth isn't the answer to the jobs problem

New Principles for a Sustainable Economy....

If we aren't going to base our economy based on consumerism and growth, what are we going to base it on?

By Darcy Hitchcock.
Jared Diamond, author of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, stated, “Perhaps the crux of success or failure of a society is to know which core values to hang onto, and which ones to discard and replace with new values when times change.” For the last hundred years or so, industrialized nations have been focused on economic growth as the main instrument to improve their citizens’ lives. Economists invented a mythical human, Homo economicus, a completely rational person who pursues his or her own gain with the least effort or expense. Give these prototypical ‘people’ all the appropriate information, and a free market will provide the best results for the lowest cost. Focus on job growth and tax ‘relief,’ so the thinking went, and you put money in the pockets of the people so they can decide what is best for them.
This article was first published by the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. It's a plain-spoken summary of the best thinkers of our time exploring how to move toward new economic principles.

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