Friday, September 27, 2013

Why did Comcast turn us into whiners and liars?

I recently closed my account with Comcast since we were moving. The cheery customer rep said, "Oh, you would have been eligible for a long-term customer discount." Grrr. I wanted to know why the *&^%##@ they hadn't already given it to me. Now I feel like I've been had.

Courtesy Simon Howden,
Why don't they just give it to us? Instead customers, if they're smart, have to put a note in their calendar to call every six months and threaten to cancel service.  We have to lie. We have to whine. It's so degrading.

Would it really be so hard to send us a thank you note for staying with them, giving us another 5% off for the year. We'd feel great about the company. Many industries provide benefits for being a long-term customer, realizing it's much cheaper to keep a customer than to find a new one. My insurance company gives me a break for having all my business with them and for being with them a long time. We get frequent flyer miles. I have a punch ticket from the local cafe that gives me a free meal for every 10 we eat there.

So, come on, Telecom. Get with the program. Start treating us like people instead of a bunch of sheep you can fleece.

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