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To create a more sustainable world, we must first envision it.

NOTE: I've been focusing my efforts on blogging for the Sustainability Alliance lately. Please find me there: www.SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org or Facebook @SustainabilityAllianceAZ.org.

There are a lot of problems in the world: climate change, species extinctions, poverty, alienation, inequities. Faced with all this, many people get bogged down in despair or retreat into denial.

Courtesy nokhoog buchachon, Freedigitalphotos.net
But this blog is for DREAMERS. We have to envision what could be different.

This blog is for CHANGE AGENTS. We need people to stick their necks out and try something new.

This blog is for PRAGMATISTS. Solutions need to be viable and scaleable.

Our problem is not a lack of understanding of the problems. It's a lack of vision of what we want instead. According to Bill Moyer, author of Doing Democracy, for social change to occur, society has to say Yes three times:
  • Yes, there is a problem
  • Yes, there is a solution and
  • Yes, the solution is an acceptable alternative to the status quo.

C'mon. We all know there is a problem. We actually know many of the solutions. Our society is stuck on the third Yes. We have not yet painted a picture compelling enough to make people want it more than what they have now.

Join me in this exploration. I will share stories from my work as a management consultant, and from my travels and life in general. I hope you will share your ideas too.

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