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Dragonfly's Question

DragonflyA course on sustainability disguised as a father-daughter story. A great way to teach sustainability concepts to employees and citizens. Covers a wide range of topics including distributed energy, smart growth, toxic exposure, urban agriculture, local currencies, sustainable investing, homelessness, etc. Read it to understand how to shape our future or just read it for fun.
"With Dragonfly's Question, Darcy Hitchcock has created a lovely thing: a learning tool, based on a piece of near-future fiction, that is also a pleasure to read."Alan AtKisson, author of Believing Cassandra and The ISIS Agreement.


Personal Sustainability Plan

Pers sust plan cover

Use this workbook to improve your quality of life and find your unique contribution making the world better. Warning: this booklet has been known to change the direction of people's lives! This workbook walks you through three exercises:
  • Taking care of yourself 
  • Reducing your impacts 
  • Finding your calling
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Tools for Organizations

Sust plng cover-smThe Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning

The sustainability professional's 'cookbook' for how to create a sustainability plan.
“This is a fantastic resource for sustainability champions who want to transform an organization. The book supports its step-by-step guidance with examples and a cornucopia of practical checklists, forms, and tools to ensure success. Marsha and Darcy are experienced masters of the art and science of organizational change. Their latest book is a must-have resource for serious sustainability professionals.”
Bob Willard, author of The Sustainability Advantage

Biz Guide cover

The Business Guide to Sustainability—Second Edition

This book translates what sustainability means into language that makes sense in organizations. Chapters for common functions (eg, executives, purchasing, human resources, etc) and major industry sectors (services, manufacturing and government.) Also available as an eBook; also available in Korean. Winner of the American Library Association Choice Magazine Award—Outstanding Academic Titles for 2007!
"I have thumbed through this book so much the binding has disintegrated."
—Rich Carlson


Making Sense of Sustainability

Sustainability can be hard for employees to understand. This booklet explains the concepts of Triple Bottom Line and also The Natural Step framework in simple, everyday language. It's filled with humorous illustrations that make the concepts easy to understand. It also includes short exercises you can do to learn how to apply the concepts. Use this booklet in:
  • Workshops 
  • Staff meetings 
  • Employee orientations

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